The Union is an American female-fronted Industrial band from Denver, Colorado, founded in 2009 by lead singer and composer Azul Far.

The Union began with the intent to not perform live. Ever.

At the beginning of 2017, Azul faced an attempt to disrupt her freedom of expression and filed a lawsuit against those who attempted to taint and obstruct her artistic expression with the band. While there was great satisfaction and relief after wining the lawsuit, Azul decided the settlement was just not good enough and began recruiting musicians for live performance in "retribution" to these actions. Currently The Union performs live as a duo with guitarist Craig Winston.

The Union began touring and performing live shows since 2017 along with well renowned bands in the scene as well as in local shows and festivals.

Azul began working with 2 producers in 2020 and plans on releasing several singles this year. The first release is titled "Purousthai" and the band is currently recording the video for it's premiere.  This will be the band's first single since 2017 and is expected to be released by this summer.

Keep an eye out for upcoming updates!